Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fragments, Volume Two: Jimmey Leblanc

The long over due release of Volume Two of Fragments in now upon us. This volume is featuring the wanderlust eyes of a great friend and fellow artist, Jimmey Leblanc.

This book contains work from several different projects that Jimmey is currently working on. Our goal with this selection was to find a flow of images that don't have a relationship together, but that create a dialogue with each other. We wanted to show the similarities of a photographers style, mood and stream of conscious from series to series, and how a selection from each series could translate into its own story.

Check out more of Jimmey work on his website or on his blog.

Fragments, Volume Two featuring Jimmey Leblanc
4 x 5 in.
Accordion Style Book.
Handmade & Printed on Inkjet Paper
Made in an edition of 35 with 2 artist proofs.
Signed & Numbered.
$18 + S&H

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